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Hello Michelle

Michelle bubbles with enthusiasm as she embarks on the thrilling journey of bringing Sassafras & Co to life. Brimming with passion, she envisions a vibrant space that not only fosters creativity but also serves as a hub for learning opportunities for local artists. Eager to cultivate a supportive community, Michelle is driven by the joy of empowering and inspiring artists to reach new heights in their creative endeavours.

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My Story

Michelle has been daydreaming and drawing since she can remember (she has the report cards to prove it).  While her parents would argue that her degree in Fine Arts was a bit of a frivolity, she feels her Great Grandpa Walt, who first called her a 'sassafras' would agree, art is indeed life.   And what a life it's turned out to be!  With a passion for continuous exploration and a focus on expression, Michelle can't wait to dive and facilitate your next big artistic endeavour.

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