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Hello Stephen

Sassafras & Co. is thrilled to announce an exhilarating collaboration with the incredibly talented Stephen Keppler, as they join forces to elevate Audacious Improv to new heights. The fusion of Sassafras & Co.'s creative energy with Keppler's expertise promises an exciting journey of innovation and unmatched improvisational brilliance. Get ready for an Audacious Improv experience like never before!

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My Story

Stephen Has been involved in improvisation for nearly 20 years. A former student of Loose Moose Improvisation and Keith Johnstone, Stephen has always loved the, “Be Boring” approach to the discipline.


Stephen has a major focus on long form, and story over humour, and it shows in the styles he has performed in. One of his first troops performs to this day in Vancouver!

If you would like to learn how to paint a picture for your audience, and tell an amazing story with incredible results, this improv class is for you. This class is designed for actors who have tried improvisation before, but would like to further their skill.

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