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SceneCraft Prowess

Introducing "SceneCraft Prowess" – an exceptional class presented by Sassafras & Co, under the expert guidance of renowned professional director, Chris McGregor. Chris McGregor is the Artistic Director of Axis Theatre in Vancouver, BC, bringing a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to the art of theatre.

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Actor's Toolbox:  
Scene Study & Character Development

In this transformative and engaging course, you will delve deep into the core of the acting craft, unlocking new dimensions of character development and scene study. Led by Chris McGregor, a visionary in the world of theatre, you'll embark on a journey that will elevate your skills and artistic expression to unparalleled heights.


Each week, you will explore the intricate art of scene study and character development, meticulously crafted to bring your talents to a whole new level. Chris McGregor's guidance and mentorship will help you grasp the essence of your characters, enabling you to breathe life into every role you undertake.

The curriculum of "SceneCraft Prowess" encompasses a range of comprehensive elements:

  • Character Analysis: Under the skilled tutelage of Chris McGregor, you will learn how to deconstruct a character's psyche, motivations, and backstory. You will develop a profound understanding of your role, making it easier to embody the character authentically.

  • Scene Study: Dive into the heart of theater with intense scene study sessions. Chris McGregor will guide you through the nuances of dissecting scripts, identifying character objectives, obstacles, and conflicts, and bringing the text to life with emotional depth.

  • Emotional Range: Develop your emotional palette, enabling you to express a wider range of emotions convincingly. Discover new ways to connect with your character's emotional journey and convey it to the audience effectively.

  • Physicality and Movement: Chris McGregor will focus on physicality and body language, helping you to inhabit your character fully. You'll explore how gestures, posture, and movement can profoundly impact your character portrayal.

  • Voice and Diction: Enhance your vocal skills, and learn the art of modulation and enunciation. Achieve clarity and resonance in your speech, ensuring your lines are delivered with maximum impact.

  • Collaboration: "SceneCraft Prowess" will also emphasise the importance of collaboration within the theater. You'll work alongside fellow actors, exploring the dynamics of ensemble acting and the magic of collective storytelling.

  • Showcase: At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to showcase your newfound skills and talents in a performance for an audience, putting into practice everything you've learned under the guidance of Chris McGregor.


This class is not just an acting workshop; it's a transformative experience that will take your understanding of the art of acting to a whole new level. By the end of "SceneCraft Prowess" you will be equipped with the tools, insights, and confidence to step into any character, immerse yourself in any scene, and bring a whole new dimension to your craft.


Join us and let Sassafras & Co and the expert direction of Chris McGregor from Axis Theatre in Vancouver, BC, shape you into a skilful, versatile, and captivating artist. Enroll today and unlock your full potential in the world of theatre.


Class Details: 

These classes are 16+

📅 When: Tuesday - January 30th /February 6th , 13th, 20th , 27th /March 5th & 12th, 2024

⏰ Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

📍 Where: The Innovation Centre

💲 Investment in Your Dream: $261.17 for course including: 7 sessions, 2 hours per session. 

*All fees included in price

Limited spots available 

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